Adaptive Tennis in Standing Position (Stand Up Tennis) is a competitive modality for the people who have physical disability that are able to play in Standing up.

Who is eligible to compete:

Adaptive Tennis in Standing Position Organization (TAP) has as a priority to promote, develop and provide opportunities to people with physical disabilities such as amputees, Hemiplegics, hemi paralysis, congenital malformation and cerebral palsy and other who can move upright and do not want to sit in a wheelchair to play this modality internationally, both recreationally as well as competitively. The TAP Organization creates new opportunities for people who want to practice this sport because, before 2012 there was no entity in the world that governed this modality.

The Adaptive Tennis in Standing Position focuses on working together with the tennis world federations and physical therapy institutions to develop and implement programs to promote it so that the sport adoption increases in each country by carrying out different promotional activities to promote it.