Circuit TAP World Tour

The Circuit TAP World Tour was created in 2015 by Enzo Amadei as a Founder and Executive Director in collaboration with Ana Maria Rodriguez as a Physiotherapist , this Circuit records all related with the International Championships, Players, Official Ranking, Regulations and TAP Rules – Adaptive Tennis in Standing Position ( Stand Up Tennis ).

The first International Championship of this Circuit was held in Santiago-Chile on April 10th and 11th of 2015, counting with the participation of 32 players from different countries such as Mexico, Peru, Argentina and Chile, competing in different game categories.


To join internationally all the TAP players in their country or an organization as a foundation, club or other that organizes together with the circuit the promotion and national development of their country.

Generate, Organize and manage the competitions and Championships with Worldwide Level Scores for Adaptive Tennis in Standing Position to carry the record in the Official Ranking that shows each player of this modality in their different games categories and with that to increase its development.

Rules of the International Tournament

The tournaments will be official and part of the Circuit Tap World Tour only when it is register in our organization, if any country would like to make a international tournaments please send your request, because the Organization TAP need analyze your situation.

Specific Rules

Befenits for the Players